White Collar Factory

Richard’s last assignment at Jackson Coles was Derwent London’s White Collar Factory.  We love how the development fits within the London skyline and have been admiring these superb images taken by Mark Tillett of HTS for some time now.

Clerkenwell’s New Addition

The Clerkenwell streetscape is getting an injection of new (or is it old?) architecture with Amin Taha’s mixed use development on Clerkenwell Close.  We are drawn to the remarkable use of natural material and applaud our friend for pushing the design boundary.  We predict a polarisation of opinion on this scheme but any building that sparks debate on the built environment can only be a good thing.

Radical Cities and Activist Architects

Chief Curator of The Design Museum, Justin McGuirk, is also author of Radical Cities a fascinating look at Latin American urbanism and architecture.  From Alejandro Aravena’s “1/2 a good house” to the revolutionary housing of Argentina led by social movement, it’s an eye-opening read. 

The half-building of homes provides an economic solution to the need for low cost dwellings which can then be finished, extended or developed by inhabitants over time adding both value and a sense of belonging.  We like this a lot.

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Radical Cities part II

Although the tactics employed by some local leaders to obtain land for social housing from the government are controversial (see section on Miraglo Sala) there is some light relief – residents in NW Argentina get a choice of revolutionary leader to adorn their personal water tank.